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GTB16N BULLET Heavy Duty Tire Changer

Category: Tire Changers

Commercial Lease monthly payments white

The BULLET is the world’s fastest truck tire changer. 30 seconds to demount and mount a tubeless truck tire! Simultaneous bead loosening operation is the new concept in truck tire changing specially for tubeless tires. Extremely fast operation. Four machine actions make fast and simple work of mounting and demounting truck tires. Improve your efficiency up to 50% compared to other machines. Features of the GTB16N BULLET include:

  • Full size industrial clamping unit allows 30% more clamping force
  • NEW increased clamping range of rims; 14”-27”
  • Minimum clamping height reduced to 13 3/8” (allowing to clamp rims directly from the ground)
  • Bead breaking force increased by 20% on both front and rear rollers
  • Optional G108A24 demounts tires with lock ring
  • Easy to use controls
  • Built-in wheel lift
  • Available in 220 volt single phase or three phase power

 Technical Data

 GTB 16N

Max. Rim Diameter
Min. Rim Diameter
Gear Box Motor
3 HP
Max Dia. Center Hole
11 1/2" (288 mm)
Min. Dia. Center Hole
3 1/2" (85 mm)
Power Supply
220V - 1 or 3 Phase
Rotating Speed
10 RPM
71" x 36" x 75"
Shipping Weight
1350 lbs (615 kg)

If your business changes truck tires, you have to see the RAV GTB16N BULLET in action.